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How Maramataka Can Be Incorporated Into Council Hui Planning

Tāmati Rākena shares about Rereata Makiha and Dallas King attending their council strategy planning hui to advise on Maramataka
Nov. 25, 2022
Kuaka Mārangaranga

The Time Has Come

Joining the fight, Jaqi Brown has put her hand forward as a candidate for Mayor
Sept. 20, 2022
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Far North Mayor Filled With Emotion At Waitangi Pohiri

Moko Tepania: After Matariki weekend it was decided I would stand following a weekend wānanga with whānau
Nov. 11, 2022

MFAT and Māori Council to Collaborate

Māori Council leader Maanu Paul says the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be consulting Māori Council on Māori export matters
Oct. 14, 2020
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Māori Council.

Matthew Tutaki has lived overseas and gained a lot of skills and found it is the right time to come home to share his skills.
Aug. 9, 2018
Kuaka Mārangaranga

He Waka Eke Noa

Ngāti Kahu Social Services on their ‘Waka’ analogy, pushing them on their journey.
May 11, 2022

Pukenui Wharf Opening

A korero with local Hapu and council on the Pukenui Wharf restructure
May 4, 2022

Far North District Council Excited to Remove Restrictions

Moko Tepania speaks on the recent mandate changes that allow public spaces to remove restrictions for the unvaccinated
March 24, 2022
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Local Council Elections

Tamati Rākena encourages the community to participate in the election and make sure we vote for the candidates we want
July 18, 2022
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Iwi - Council Partnership up for Discussion

Te Rarawa chair, Haami Piripi is taking note as Ngāti Pāhauwera engage in dialogue with council on what partnership looks like
July 16, 2021
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Insight into Far North District Council

David Collard takes us through the work that comes out of the council and decision making
Nov. 26, 2019
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Māori Representation In Council

Peter-Lucas Jones acknowledges all the whānau who campaigned for the local elections
Oct. 11, 2022
Kuaka Mārangaranga

The Auckland Māori Council.

Matthew Tukaki talks about the future for Māori
Dec. 10, 2019
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Māori Council Forum

Rihari Dargaville was not at hui with Crown for long as they just aren't listening
Nov. 5, 2019
Te Reo o te Rangatira

FNDC: Looking Back on 2021

We catch up with councillor Moko Tepania, who reflects on the past year for FNDC, the traffic light system & council elections
Jan. 19, 2022
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Historical Numbers of Māori in Council

A welcomed change for diversity in council as Moko Tepania is appointed Mayor of the Far North District Council
Oct. 11, 2022
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Māori Council to tackle housing Issue

Matthew Tukaki shares confronting statistics for Māori Home Ownership and what the Māori Council are doing about it
March 12, 2020
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Māori Council Key for Advocacy

Maanu Paul says the Māori Council has been a strong voice for Māori issues and leadership is key for the continuation of this
May 17, 2021
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Breaking The Stigma in Council

The appointment of Te Hiku's first Māori Mayor is welcomed not only by Māori, but Pākeha who made up most of the votes
Oct. 19, 2022
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Council Re-cap

Henare Kingi says we need more Māori to represent us in local government
Oct. 16, 2019
Te Reo o te Rangatira

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