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Fire Fighters in Northland Overwhelmed

Fire and Emergency NZ Pou Takawaenga Māori, Albert Cash says emergency fire services have been inundated with call-outs
Jan. 20, 2021
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Keeping Fire Safe During Winter

Electric blankets, heaters and fires can be risky and must be checked. Fire and Emergency NZ spokesperson, Albert Cash has more
June 14, 2021
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Fire & Emergency NZ Update

Albert Cash joins us to speak about the hazards to be aware during the thick of winter
July 8, 2020
Kuaka Mārangaranga

A Quiet Start To The Summer For Fire Crews In The North

FENZ Māori spokesperson Albert Cash is pleased to announce that there haven't been any major fire related incidences
Jan. 25, 2023
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Northland Fire Restrictions Imposed

Fire and Emergency NZ Pou Takawaenga Māori, Albert Cash is urging whānau to be vigilant of fire danger as summer heats up
Dec. 16, 2020
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Fire emergency message for public

Albert Cash reiterates key messages from the Fire Emergency Services following the return of COVID-19 restrictions
Aug. 14, 2020
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Firefighters Seek Support From Fire and Emergency NZ

Jan Logie: Firefighters want more training, more staff hired, pay rises and more
Aug. 22, 2022
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Before Summer Tips: Fire and Emergency

Albert Cash addresses questions that were raised by our listeners & provides essential fire safety tips for whānau
Nov. 18, 2021
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Northland Car Accidents Spike in Rain

The recent school holidays and rainfall saw a spike in car accidents. Fire and Emergency NZ spokesperson, Albert Cash has more
Aug. 6, 2021
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Councillor Colin Kitchen with an update from regional council

Regional Councillor Colin Kitchen says fire and emergency calls-out are up on last year
June 2, 2022
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Winds expected to pick up for Kaimaumau Fire

Fire and Emergency Services spent the week putting preventative measure in place to combat Cyclone Cody
Jan. 13, 2022

Fire Restrictions to Remain: High Winds Predicted

Albert Cash speaks to us about fire safety precautions & the current restrictions in place for Te Hiku & Te Tai Tokerau
March 3, 2022
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Fire Safety Awareness

With Northland’s rise in blazes this summer, we talk to local firefighters and volunteers on the recent fires and incidents
Feb. 4, 2022

Whānau Urged to Check Smoke Alarms

Working smoke alarms can save lives in a fire. As the cold sets in and whānau are use heating, checking smoke alarms is crucial
March 28, 2021
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Hihi Community Mourns Loss of Kuia in Fire

Fatal blazes took the lives of 3 women in 1 day across NZ. Fire danger still exists in cold and NZ is being urged to stay safe
May 11, 2021
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Conservation Under Threat at Karikari Peninsula

Conservation areas were under threat after a fire tore through native bush and scrub.
Dec. 20, 2019

Iwi Government collaboration extinguishes Kaimaumau Fire

Mātauranga Māori and tikanga incorporated with practical skills and knowledge used to combat wildfire
March 30, 2022

Fire Forces Evacuations in Ahipara

A bushfire along a 5ha piece of hillside in Ahipara required the assistance of 4 helicopters with monsoon buckets
Feb. 8, 2019

No Prosecution Despite Catastrophic Damage in Kaimaumau Fire

Disappointing result in investigative findings for Kaimaumau fire
Jan. 26, 2023

Grants for emerging maori artists available through Creative NZ

Haniko Te Kurupa of Creative NZ encourages Maori artists to apply for this opportunity and don't be shy to call him
May 8, 2018

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