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Key Focus for Green Party 2020

Marama Davidson discusses areas of importance for the Green Party for the election year, with a steady focus around whenua Māori
Feb. 14, 2020
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Green Party opts into 20% pay reduction

Co-leader Marama Davidson discusses the importance of the decision made by the green party, to support this pay reduction
April 16, 2020
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Green Party to push for fair share

Green Party candidate Darleen Tana says Northland is under resourced and wants to make sure it isn't forgotten in COVID recovery
Sept. 15, 2020
Rātū Tōrangapū

Meka Whaitiri

The national budget, the MOU between the Labour Party and The Green Party and Labour's response to the housing crisis
June 1, 2016
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Enabling Whānau to Move Home

Green Party Co-Leader Marama Davidson gives us an update on the current focus for the Party during these challenging times
March 14, 2022
Te Pā Harakeke

Green Party Marama Davidson Given Ministerial Portfolios

Te Aupōuri kuia Leni Kapa is pleased that Labour has given ministerial responsibilities to the Green Party
Nov. 2, 2020
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Green Party ensures vital human rights in anti-terrorism law

Golriz Ghahraman Green Party member talks to us about the new anti-terrorism law and fundamental human rights
Oct. 24, 2019

Green Party Seek Post-Enactment Review of Covid Bill

MP Dr Elizabeth Kerekere shares how they intend to take it to the House Select Committee to pass the motion for this review
Nov. 25, 2021
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Tiriti Partnership Needed to Solve SNA Woes

Consultation isn't a tick box exercise especially regarding land. Former Green Party candidate Darleen Tana has more
June 10, 2021
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Response to Ministerial Advisory Board Report

Marama Davidson - Green Party co-leader shares her whakaaro on the recent report on the recommended changes for Oranga Tamariki.
Oct. 1, 2021
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Ending Perpetual Land Leases On Māori Owned Land

Green Party MP Marama Davidson on ending perpetual lease on Māori owned land
Feb. 10, 2023
Waitangi 2023

Press Pause on Three Waters Reform

We talk to Green Party MP Teanau Tuiono on why he feels our Government should put a halt on this reform.
Oct. 28, 2021
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Marama Davidson

Her thoughts on how the Green Party is succeeding in the polls, she says why that is
March 14, 2017
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Green Party Welfare System

Marama Davidson says that their overhaul welfare system will benefit beneficiaries who struggle daily on what they get now.
May 7, 2019
Kuaka Mārangaranga

No Greens Coalition Detrimental to Labour

Political commentator Heeni Brown says not forming a coalition with the Green Party could lose the Labour Party supporters
Oct. 21, 2020
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Eugenie Sage Green Party MP

Swamp Kauri mining
July 22, 2015
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Greens Promise Free Public Transport

Green Party Co-leader Marama Davidson says her party will make public transport free for under-18s and build mass cycleways
Oct. 7, 2020
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Labour, NZ First, Green Party.

Haami Piripi, gives his overview of the election 2017.
Oct. 25, 2017
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Cathrine Delahunty

Education and steeper fines needed to get stock out of waterways!
Jan. 28, 2016
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Green Party Calls For Guaranteed Minimum Income

Marama Davidson says with unemployment rates increasing this will ensure everyone has a dignified income following COVID-19
Aug. 6, 2020
Kuaka Mārangaranga

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