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Decolonisation and Improving Mental Health

Fostering Māori identity is key in reversing the lasting affects of colonisation on mental well-being. Dr Hinemoa Elder has more
June 11, 2021
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Well Being

Pineaha Murray gives his thoughts on common Māori health issues
Nov. 4, 2019
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Children's Well-being

Education Minister Chris Hipkins says the main area around children are their well-being and housing to benefit education.
Aug. 19, 2019
Te Reo o te Rangatira

The Well Being of The Ocean.

Pineaha Murray says a karakia for the well being and all that lives in the ocean he also express his concerns.
Nov. 29, 2018
Te Reo o te Rangatira

More to Well-being Than Vaccines

Te Kao kuia, Leni Kapa reflects on her experiences with injections and the importance of faith during a pandemic
Feb. 23, 2021
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Follow up Alcohol Symposium

Heeni Brown talks about the 2nd upcoming alcohol symposium being held in Rotorua
Jan. 28, 2020
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Māori Well-Being Statistics

Haami Piripi talks of the Te Kupenga hui where discussion around well-being statistics are discussed. Whakarongo mai.
Oct. 15, 2018
Kuaka Mārangaranga

HAUORA: Health and Well-being

Pineaha Murray shares tips to prevent illnesses even whilst you brush your teeth brush and your tongue. danger eating KFC.
Aug. 28, 2019
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Tamariki Well-being a Whānau Issue

Former Cabinet Minister Shane Jones says despite errors of OT, it's not to blame for the neglect of children by their families
June 20, 2021
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Tūhono Taiao Symposium

Elliot Heremaia joins us to speak on the upcoming Tūhono Taiao Symposium which will be held this November at Kohewhata Marae
Oct. 20, 2021
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Food Forests for Environment and Well-being

Para Kore spokesperson Jared Hiakita is leading out the establishment of a food forest to enhance sustainable local food systems
Oct. 29, 2020
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Priority for well-being in Mental Health

Co-Leader for Greens Marama Davidson is hoping there would be much needed increase in funds Mental Health Org, in the budget.
May 30, 2019
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Self-Determination Key to Well-being

Rongoā expert, Peter Kitchen provides rongoā services at Te Waka Hauora and shares insight into key factors of Māori well-being
July 29, 2021
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Spiritual Healing.

Pineaha Murray speaks on Health and Well being from within to maintain a physical well being
Sept. 5, 2017
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Traditional Kai Gathering Focussed on Communal Well-being

Te Kao kuia, Leni Kapa reflects on traditional practices around food, the poki (hāngi) and preparing kuaka (godwits) for eating
Nov. 19, 2020
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Rongoā Māori Supports Whānau Well-being

Rongoā expert, Peter Kitchen says providing rongoā at Te Waka Hauora - Kaitaia Hospital is supporting whānau well-being
July 11, 2021
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Hauora Hinengaro - Men's Mental Well-Being

We explore the pressures experienced by tāne Māori
Aug. 5, 2022

COVID-19, Colonisation and Mental Well-being

Child and youth psychiatrist and author, Hinemoa Elder says te taha wairua and te taha hinengaro are taking a hit in COVID-19
Aug. 31, 2021
Kuaka Mārangaranga

Waka Initiative Supports Tāne Well-being

Healthy Families Rotorua strategic communications manager, Heeni Brown says Tāne Whakatū Ora is supporting tāne to reconnect
Aug. 8, 2021
Te Reo o te Rangatira

Honouring Treaty Vital for Tamariki Well-being

Assistant Māori Commissioner for Children, Glenis Philip-Barbara says the Treaty is vital where tamariki Māori are concerned
Feb. 4, 2021
Kuaka Mārangaranga

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