Kitchen for NRC

Sept. 3, 2019, 1:36 p.m.

Colin Kitchen hopes that he'll voted onto the Regional Council and that the Kaitāia community will support him


Regional Council Election

Colin (Toss) Kitchen explains why he is running for the Regional Council
3 months, 2 weeks

Fire Awareness.

Colin Kitchen gives us information on the meaning of the sounding alarm and he also talks about the fire happening overseas.
1 year, 5 months

Is the Government's Budget Reaching the Far North?

Tireiniamu Kapa is asking whānau to bring their issues to share with Minister Davis when he visits Te Kao
4 months, 2 weeks

Zero Plastic Future

Waikarere Gregory is our advocate for zero plastic & she talks about a up & coming workshop called By-cycle Fix
4 months, 2 weeks