Kaporeihana o Muriwhenua AGM

Feb. 14, 2020, 7:31 p.m.

Marama Pohatu shares information about the upcoming AGM for Te Kaporeihana o Muriwhenua


Plastic Free for 2020

Waikarere Gregory, shares easy to implement strategy’s to minimise the use of plastic in our everyday lives
4 months, 4 weeks

Threat of Coronavirus

Dr. Maryanne Baker gives an update on her thoughts regarding the coronavirus and shares ways we can be vigilant & careful
4 months, 4 weeks

Key Focus for Green Party 2020

Marama Davidson discusses areas of importance for the Green Party for the election year, with a steady focus around whenua Māori
4 months, 4 weeks

Ngā Take Nui mō Te Rarawa

Haami Piripi speaks to us about what's ahead for Te Rarawa, highlighting kaupapa they are focussed on
4 months, 3 weeks