Trademarking Mānuka

March 2, 2020, 2:24 p.m.

Haami Piripi speaks to us about the ongoing battle to stop Australians from using the Māori word Mānuka when selling their honey


Topical Issues: Climate Change

Waitai Petera speaks with us regarding his point of view on climate change in Aotearoa
3 years

Spots still open for Houtaewa Challenge

Peter Kitchen encourages people to come along and support the Te Houtaewa Challenge this weekend!
3 years

Extreme fire danger in Northland

Albert Cash strongly urges people to take the fire restrictions seriously in these extreme conditions
3 years

Struggling Coastal Aquifers

Councillor, Moko Tepania discusses the recent water restrictions for coastal communities as aquifers are under increase pressure
3 years