Te Rerenga Wairua awaiting reopening

May 21, 2020, 8:10 p.m.

Sheridan Waitai speaks with us regarding the decision to hold off on reopening access to Cape Reinga until the 29th of May


Supporting Digital Training for Māori

Glen Sadler from NGEN Room Whangarei speaks to us about how they are encouraging more māori to enter the digital space
3 years

University Returns Under Level 2

Kelly-Ann Tahitahi, Otago University joins us to talk about changes and what to expect for returning uni students
3 years

Asking the Right Questions

Māori reporter Heta Gardiner, speaks about his recent role, that entailed bringing Māori issues to the government's attention
3 years

E Tu Whānau services

Mikaira Pau speaks to us about the services 'E Tu Whānau' will be providing through alert level 2
3 years