PGF announcements for Kawakawa Region

July 3, 2020, 12:36 p.m.

Penetaui Kleskovic speaks about the announcements being made in Kawakawa today, by both Shane Jones & Winston Peters


Plastic Free Kaitaia launches new bottles

Waikare Gregory speaks about this new addition to their plastic free taputapu, she encourages whānau to get on board!
1 year

Te Ahu Centre Update

John Haines shares upcoming events & need to know details regarding the operating hours & calendar for Te Ahu Centre
1 year

Te Ao Māori update

Māori reporter, Rukuwai Allen speaks to us about relevant māori issues & comments on the recent resignation of David Clarke
1 year

$100 million to help restore Kaipara Moana

Moko Tepania shares the importance of this project, protecting our taiao & creating jobs for the descendants of Kaipara
1 year