Māori Party Full Force Ahead

July 23, 2020, 1:11 p.m.

Che Wilson speaks to us about the Māori Party, as they prepare for the 2020 elections & he shares insight into each candidate


Teaching our tamariki financial literacy

Erin Thompson reiterates the importance of creating financial resources that our tamariki can relate to from a Māori perspective
6 months

Developments begin at Ngāwhā hotsprings

Shane Jones speaks about the advancements taking place in Parahirahi, Ngāwha & touches on his upcoming announcement in Te Hiku
6 months

Movie Night & Eco Expo in Te Hiku

Nicola Robb says its an opportunity to learn about alternative ways of living sustainably & being the change they want to see
6 months

$8 Million for Kerikeri Wellbeing Infrastructure

Moko Tepania joins us following announcement held in Kerikeri & the positive impact it will have
5 months, 3 weeks