Greens Promise Free Public Transport

Oct. 7, 2020, 11:20 a.m.

Green Party Co-leader Marama Davidson says her party will make public transport free for under-18s and build mass cycleways


Labour, Māori Party Preferred Coalition

Political commentator Henare Kingi says Labour is on top in the polls, however, support is growing for the Māori Party
3 weeks, 3 days

New Waka to be Carved for Tūwharetoa

Te Aurere Captain, Stanley Conrad says a dream shared by Tūwharetoa to Tā Hekenukumai Puhipi to carve a waka is set to come true
3 weeks, 2 days

Rangitāhuahua Environmental Plan Underway

Jerry Norman of Ngāti Kurī says progress is being made on the iwi environmental plan for Rangitāhuahua, the Kermadec Islands
3 weeks, 2 days

Māori Influence in General Voting Electorates

47% of Māori voters are on the general role, veteran journalist Dean Nathan says this gives Māori a foot in both worlds
3 weeks, 1 day