Dr Gives Wart Tips

Feb. 12, 2021, 1:35 p.m.

Dr. Maryanne Baker says warts are a common virus and provides advice on treatment and removal


Whānau Tips on Preparing for an Emergency

Dr. Maryanne Baker tells us what is needed in a civil emergency pack and highlights the need to discuss emergency plans
2 years, 2 months

Dr. Shares COVID-19 Vaccination Schedule

Dr. Maryanne Baker explains how the dosage works for the Pfizer COVID-19 immunisations in New Zealand
2 years, 1 month

Free Health Checks at Waitangi

Dr. Maryanne Baker says health services from across the north are providing health checks as well as first aid at Waitangi
2 years, 3 months

Sensible for Vulnerable to Stay Home - Dr

Dr Maryanne Baker says whānau with co-morbidities, the elderly can't risk going out into the public with COVID in the community
2 years, 4 months