Weekly Wānanga Brings Rongoā to Pukepoto

March 24, 2021, 10:30 p.m.

Kumeroa Gregory is running weekly rongoā workshops at Te Uri o Hina Marae, she says rongoā made is donated to whānau

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Kohekohe Rongoā Promotes Fertility

Kumeroa Gregory of Te Rārawa says wairākau kohekohe flushes toxins in the puku and traditionally helped wāhine conceive
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Kura Kaupapa Learns Rongoā

Rongoā expert, Kumeroa Gregory says passing on the knowledge to kura and the next generation will safeguard it for the future
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Community Learns About Rongoā at Te Uri o Hina Marae

Rongoā expert, Kumeroa Gregory says whānau learnt about the health benefits of soaking different tree barks to make rongoā
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Northland Doctors Learn Rongoā Māori

Doctors in Muriwhenua attended a rongoā wānanga at Te Uri o Hina Marae, Pukepoto. Rongoā expert, Kumeroa Gregory has more
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