Protecting Māori IP in Universities

April 1, 2021, 12:02 a.m.

Otago University Māori Communications Adviser, Matiu Workman says protecting Māori IP is crucial in universities


Boom in Otago University Māori Students

Otago University spokesperson, Matiu Workman says the strong Māori workforce has helped Māori students to want to join Otago
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Understanding the Past of Ihumātao

Matiu Workman talks about the history of Ihumātao giving an insight as to why the protectors are taking their stance.
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Māori rates of subsequent injury disproportionately high

Matiu Workman talks to us about this research first of its kind and the importance of this research to iwi Māori
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Otago University Research for Mental Health.

Matiu Workman talks about the newly funded mental health research being undertaken
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