Funds Raised to Restore Ahipara Church

June 12, 2021, 1:02 p.m.

The 150 year old church received funding from the Te Hiku Community Board to be restored. Committee chair John Paitai has more


Keeping Fire Safe During Winter

Electric blankets, heaters and fires can be risky and must be checked. Fire and Emergency NZ spokesperson, Albert Cash has more
1 month, 2 weeks

Tackling Systemic Injustice Through Music

2020 E Tū Whānau Song Competition winner and Popstars NZ contestant, Te Ara Pounamu Pukeroa shares his musical journey
1 month, 2 weeks

Māori to Lead Global Peace Conference

The 2021 Global Peace Conference theme is 'Weaving a Shared Future Together''. Jerry Norman of Ngāti Kurī is opening the event
1 month, 2 weeks

Racism Should be Illegal in NZ

It's currently illegal to use hate speech publicly, however, racism online is easy to get away with. Penetaui Kleskovic has more
1 month, 2 weeks