Jones Suspects Council Disbandment

July 19, 2021, 5:48 p.m.

Former Regional Economic Development Minister, Shane Jones says he believes Govt. will close some councils due inefficiency

Tags: NZ First

Tags: NZ First


Te Aupōuri Granted Aquifer Consent

Te Aupōuri has been granted consent to extract from the Aupōuri aquifer for horticulture, a decision that may be appealed by DoC
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Blessing of Unahi Wharf

Shane Jones shares with us some of the history of the wharf and its significance.
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Whakahokia mai te Whenua

Kelvin Davis says that Ngāti Kahu will hear back this week about the return of whenua tupuna at Taipa Point Reserve.
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I Riro Whenua Atu, Me Hoki Whenua Mai

We speak with Shane Jones, who accompanied Minister Kelvin Davis onto the land at Maheatai, Taipa.
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