Eliminate mamae to illuminate Rongoā

Sept. 13, 2021, 3:46 p.m.

Rob Mokaraka is an actor who has experienced stress and depression at such a level that he provoked police to shoot and kill him. However, Rob survived that experience and has spent the the last decade telling his story in order to help other people struggling with mental health issues and suicide prevention.


Many discouraged to learn Te Reo for fear of degradation

Māori and Non-Māori alike are becoming whakamā to speak Te Reo for fear of making mistakes or mispronouncing kupu
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Lawyers Beyond Borders

This book follows a group of lawyers to tackle human rights abuse cases and their journey to justice for their people
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It's All About Whānau

Tiriti Harrison volunteers for a number of essential kaupapa throughout Te Hiku. He shares what motivates him.
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The Level - New Website Aimed at Reducing Drug Harm

Tumokai Morgan discusses with us the new website aimed at reducing drug harm as parts of the country remain in lockdown.
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