Tautoko Te Taitokerau

Sept. 14, 2021, 2:55 p.m.

Kaye-Maree Dunn shares the history of how the kaupapa of Tautoko started in Rotorua to help those in need and also how she put her hand up to do the same for Te Taitokerau. The kaupapa helps local networking and community engagement to support the local businesses and consumers to maintain and develop the local economy. 


E hoki ki ō maunga!

Grass roots learning played a large part in the revitalisation of te Reo Māori - Our goal now is to preserve and protect it.
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Tūtutaraki support whānau who are not ready to head back to Kura

Some whānau remain sceptical about returning to kura at Level 2 as Kura across Aotearoa re-open their doors.
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Te Rā Tūturu o Te Reo Māori

Hilda shares some of the history of the first petition for Te Reo Māori in 1972, along with those who were directly involved.
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Piripi Evans - He Rangatira Kaumoana

Stanley Conrad shares their connection with the revitalization of waka creation and navigation.
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