Take Two for The Team

Oct. 15, 2021, 1:27 p.m.

Take Two for The Team is a kaupapa that the Te Tai Tokerau rugby community together with 8 Māori health providers and other sporting codes have come together to boost the uptake of vaccinations within Te Tai Tokerau.

Jeff Milner (CEO of Ngāti Hine Health Trust) talks about this kaupapa in more detail and how this kaupapa aims to increase the rates especially among the generation of 12 years to 30 years of age - who are the lowest vaccination rate at present.


Feeding the Whānau with Kai and Positivity

Annie's Way of Life (better known as AWOL) fed over 100 people in under an hour last Saturday..
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Tamatū Tamaora: Men's Health and Wellbeing

Pene Tawhara talks to us about Tamatū Tamaora, a kaupapa that supports our men in becoming the best version of themselves.
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Tangonge Wetlands

Waikarere talks about her mahi with the Tangonge Wetlands and their significance to the health of the taiao and whānau.
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Local Council Decline Further Developments in Karikari

Makere Mutu updates us on the recent win for Ngāti Kahu along with reminding whānau who are unsure to seek information.
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