Tamatū Tamaora: Men's Health and Wellbeing

Oct. 18, 2021, 2:53 p.m.

Tamatū Tamaora

A positive kaupapa where men can improve on their health and wellbeing while setting a positive example for others who may wish to do the same. Pene Tawhara talks to us about the kaupapa Tamatū Tamaora and how he recognised the need for a kaupapa like this to support our men in becoming the best version of themselves. Tamatū has a forum for men to exercise together, share and support each other on a 6 week challenge that allows everyone an opportunity to not only follow but take lead in conducting areas of the Tamatū kaupapa. 


Tangonge Wetlands

Waikarere talks about her mahi with the Tangonge Wetlands and their significance to the health of the taiao and whānau.
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Local Council Decline Further Developments in Karikari

Makere Mutu updates us on the recent win for Ngāti Kahu along with reminding whānau who are unsure to seek information.
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Level 2 - Public Spaces To Open Again

With the recent announcement that Te Tai Tokerau will return to Alert Level 2, Moko Tepania from FNDC updates us on changes.
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Upcoming He Whakaputanga Hīkoi

Bundy Waitai talks about those tūpuna who passed on the knowledge to him and why it is important for our future generations.
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