Tangonge Wetlands

Oct. 19, 2021, 1:29 p.m.

Waikarere talks about her mahi with the Tangonge Wetlands and the significance it has to the health of the environment and our people.  

Environmentalists have long been looking to preserve our wetlands which can be referred to as the kidneys of the earth cleaning the water that flows into them. Recently Waikarere Gregory was part of an international wetland conference and continues to work with other local kaitiaki to preserve the wetlands in Te Hiku o Te Ika.


Fighting for Our Whakapapa With Effective Recycling

Waikarere Gregory reports back to us on how we are progressing with becoming more considerate of the health of our taiao
4 days, 22 hours

Kirihimete - Whakamahia te Hangarua

From sewing presents to upcycling old items, we catch up with Waikarere Gregory on ideas for Xmas & the continuation of her mahi
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Level 2 - Public Spaces To Open Again

With the recent announcement that Te Tai Tokerau will return to Alert Level 2, Moko Tepania from FNDC updates us on changes.
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Local Council Decline Further Developments in Karikari

Makere Mutu updates us on the recent win for Ngāti Kahu along with reminding whānau who are unsure to seek information.
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