Local Council Decline Further Developments in Karikari

Oct. 19, 2021, 1:30 p.m.

Ngāti Kahu Update

Makere Mutu reiterates the need to seek information from trusted voices, if still unsure about getting vaccinated. Despite Aotearoa as a whole reaching over a hundred thousand vaccinations on Super Saturday Te Tai Tokerau vaccination rates are still very low. Makere also speaks about a win for Ngāti Kahu as the local council have found in the favour of Ngāti Kahu uri and declined further developments in Karikari.


Lack of Information on Covid-19 Locations

Mākere Mutu voices her concern around the timing and lack of information from Northland DHB on the locations of interest.
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Tāmaki Makaurau To Open: Impact on Te Tai Tokerau

Makere Mutu voices her concerns on the Government's recent announcement on the new traffic light system and the consequences
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Maitai Bay Camping Grounds Closed for Christmas

Makere Mutu talks to us about why manawhenua are keeping the Maitai Bay camping grounds closed during this Christmas period
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Linking Cases Crucial To Protection

Dr Dion O'Neal talks about his current project looking into the interaction patterns of the Aotearoa population
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