Whiro Insights

Dec. 2, 2021, 2:14 p.m.

Heeni Hoterene gives us an update on the maramataka Māori and the recent moon phases. Heeni also shares some kōrero for the marama Whiro and how this is known to be a low energy phase however it is also about new beginnings. Drawing focus on the time of year where people stress over buying presents Heeni reminds us not to waste lots of money spending up large but rather take time with whānau to do some gardening planting seeds and getting in touch with the environment.  


New Weekly Show: Whitiwhiti

Host Heeni Hoterene speaks about her new show Whitiwhiti, sharing with us an insight into what it's all about
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Whitiwhiti Kōrero: Te Reo Māori

Tonight Whitiwhiti Kōrero will showcase te reo Māori learning opportunities within Te Taitokerau
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Whitiwhiti: Tomo and Moemoe

Heeni Hoterene talks about this week's episode of Whitiwhiti and the protocols around tikanga tomo & moemoe
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Indigenous Trade Interests Represented

Minister of Foreign Affairs & Trade shares her experiences meeting with trade leaders and highlighting indigenous relationships
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