Ngāti Kurī Iwi Update: New Year Brings New Focus

Jan. 17, 2022, 1:41 p.m.

The new year brings new focus, new aspirations and we are joined by the chair of Ngāti Kurī Trust Board Harry Burkhardt who gives us an update on the focus for Ngāti Kurī leading into 2022. Harry was another one who remained in Tamaki Makaurau over the Christmas period to avoid any discomfort of spread of Covid-19 to the whānau of Te Taitokerau. No surprises that the main priority for Harry is to ensure that Ngāti Kurī Iwi are safe during these times of Covid and that all safety measures are taken in to consideration when progressing and projects or events. The word is that all who visited Tāputaputa over the holiday period enjoyed themselves and no Covid outbreak in the Far North was a sign of genuine efforts by all travelers and great work at the boarders.


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