Make Te Reo Māori Compulsory in Our Schools

Feb. 15, 2022, 1:21 p.m.

In 1972 a Māori language petition was presented to Parliament, requesting active recognition of Te Reo Māori. With over 30,000 signatures the petition served as the catalyst for a major revitalisation of Te Reo. Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon talks to us about making his thoughts known to the Government about te reo Māori being compulsory in all schools throughout Aotearoa as an action to protect this treasured language. Commissioner Foon says as lifelong student of te reo Māori, it has helped me build connections with communities he serves and helps bridge the gap between many diverse cultures and tangata whenua. Along with te reo Māori, Commissioner Foon believes that the history of Aotearoa should be a priority, over the history of other countries.


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