International Day of Forests

March 22, 2022, 12:53 p.m.

It has been said that forests are the life source of our planet but how much do we really know. Alex Wilson Director of Forest Development Grants & Partnerships at Te Uru Rākau New Zealand Forest Service joins us from Rotorua to discuss International Day of Forests, the importance of forests to Aotearoa and worldwide. Alex is also the director responsible for the 1 Billion Trees Fund of which funding has been provided in the last 3 years to plant 50 million trees and Alex says 35 million of those are native. Alex talks about the priority areas for Te Uru Rākau which has been to support the Forestry Sector and communities to meet the challenges and impacts of COVID-19. If you have any ideas for something like a local tree planting day you can contact Alex and Te Uru Rākau for a grant to support your kaupapa.  


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