All Vaccinations Available Ahead of Tourist Influx

March 30, 2022, 1:35 p.m.

Tamati Peni says that the Waikato DHB is offering all vaccines to whānau ahead of the borders opening to tourists this year. He says the health and wellbeing of whānau remains a priority and wonders how the Government will support health authorities to keep communities safe.


Petition for Meningitis Funding

Today, Gerard Rushton handed over a petition to call for vaccine funding to support families fighting meningitis
6 months

Community Excited for Upgrades

Te Hiku Open Spaces coordinator Andrea Panther on the current progress being made in Kaitaia, Ahipara and Awanui
6 months

Let's Flip the Narrative

Heemi Kapa-Kingi and John Kingi created 'Soften Up Bro' last year to flip the narrative on men's mental health
6 months

Te Whānau Maioha: Tui Tuia Learning Circle

Ngāwaiata Evans speaks about the initiative out of The University of Auckland supporting teachers and principals in Māori medium
6 months