New research shows animals may be able to evolve faster than us

May 31, 2022, 2:32 p.m.

Hihi, is a medium-sized forest species that is one of New Zealand’s rarest birds. It is threatened and nationally vulnerable. A new study however shows the fight for the Hihi isn't over yet. Dr Anna Santure says “For hihi, the analysis matches previous work that we’ve done suggesting a low capacity to adapt, but they can be buffered from extinction by conservation management actions such as provisioning food and parasite and predator control.”


Karakia to Matariki to be hosted in Ahipara

History, art, rongoā and haka are just some of the events to be held in Ahipara
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Preparation and understanding key for whānau in Māori Education

Dr. Hana O'Regan says a whānau's journey in education needs to have a holistic approach for the best outcomes
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Te Kohe Tuhaka to lead in new film "The Convert"

The Convert takes a look at the history of the church in Aotearoa and inter-tribal wars
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Heeni Hoterene on Maramataka and bringing in the Maori New Year

Heeni Hoterene urges whānau to use the maramataka to plan the year ahead
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