Royal Family Branding Strategy

Sept. 19, 2022, 12:15 p.m.

Mike Lee on the branding strategy now that King Charles III has taken the thrown. Living in the shadow (or brand) of his late wife Princess Diana, his sons, it is time now to start an outreach to connect to the people.


Bringing Affordable Power to Aotearoa

Over 130,000 households were living without power when Ezra Hirawani and Ben Armstrong started Nau Mai Rā
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Navigating the Rural Way of Life

In the past the council has found it hard to communicate efficiently with haukāinga.
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The Time Has Come

Joining the fight, Jaqi Brown has put her hand forward as a candidate for Mayor
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Whakanuia te Reo Māori

Rueben Taipari: From not speaking Te Reo, to a society that is embracing our language - our tūpuna would be thrilled
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