Hector Dolphin Sighting in Northland: First Time in 100 Years

Oct. 17, 2022, 11:58 a.m.

Mike Ogle (DOC) says that the rare sighting of Hector Dolphin in Mangonui is the first in 100 years. Ogle says "this particular dolphin was on his own and not with a pod" suggesting that he was out for a little fun "sightseeing" in the area.

Te Papa Atawhai (DOC) believes that there's no issues regarding the separation of the dolphin from the pod or dangerous or abnormal conditions that drove the dolphin into the Mangonui Harbor. Ogle says "There's about 15,000 of these dolphins in the South Island with roughly only 54 in the North Island" saying most of which are a subspecies known as the Maui Dolphin on the West Coast around Ngataki and Taranaki.


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