Rangatira Pineaha Murray.

Sept. 27, 2017, 10:57 a.m.

Rangatira Pineaha Murray, gives his thoughts about the voting results.


Rangatira Tame Mare.

Rangatira Tame Mare talks on the results and his opinion on how the results turned out.
5 years, 2 months

Maori Sports Awards 2017

Haami Piripi, speaks about the up and coming Maori Sports Awards to be held at Waitangi.
5 years, 2 months

Youth Voter's.

Connor O'Sullivan talks to Whaea Girlie Clarke about youth Votes.
5 years, 2 months

Maori Party 2020.

Lance O'Sullivan talks to us about his move to Politic 2020.
5 years, 2 months