Palliative Care with Dr Maryanne Baker.

May 16, 2018, 12:36 p.m.

Our Weekly Pharmacist Show with Dr Maryanne Baker takes us into the realms of wairua,tikanga knowledge of physical death.


Our Weekly Pharmacy Show.

This week Dr Maryanne Baker again helps to understand about the world of medicine.
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Weekly Tips From Far North Pharmacist.

Dr Maryanne Baker is talking about ointments and lotions for your skin over the winter period.
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What is the best for my Skin? Do I need Ointment?

Local Kaitaia Pharmacist Maryanne Baker explains the different ointment available to help your Skin
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Our Weekly Pharmacist.

Dr Maryanne Baker talks about different ailments from shingles to chickenpox.
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