Our Weekly Pharmacist.

June 13, 2018, 2:30 p.m.

Dr Maryanne Baker talks about different ailments from shingles to chickenpox.


A New Strategy Around Maori Media Funding.

Peter Lucas-Jones talks to us about a new strategic funding method from Te Mangai Paho.
2 months

Ngati Kahu Sharks Journey So Far in TRL Competition 2018

Penetaui Kleskovic speaks of the achievements and trials of the Ngati Kahu Sharks Season as they progress into Round 2
2 months

Increased Pacific & Maori Tauira to be a Doctor or Dentist

Otago University 3rd Year Tauira Courtney Sullivan gives us an insight to her journey in the Medical Sector
2 months

Māori Student Co-ordinator assists in Health Science Division

Arianna Waller aims to support Maori and Pacific Tauira to receive the best of their Education
2 months