Historical Whale Strandings

Nov. 27, 2018, noon

Waitai Petera take us down memory lane & shares how his tūpuna handled stranded whales


Christmas message.

Waitai Petera Christmas in Australia sending greetings from over the ditch where temperatures reaching 37 plus.
2 months

Te Hāpua Marae on the Move?

Waitai Petera says Ngāti Kurī are considering moving the marae in Te Hapua or building a new one
1 day, 14 hours

Molding young Players for Future NZ Teams.

Waitai Petera and Aunty Girlie share opinions on future players for the All Blacks and the game changer in the Black Ferns.
4 months

Tā Moko, Moko Kauae Past and Present.

Waitai Petera takes us on a history journey of tradition in Tā Moko and Moko Kauae to Present Day.
4 months, 2 weeks