Technical Advisors Interfering in Ngapuhi Hapū Vote

Dec. 5, 2018, 4:03 p.m.

On 25 November Tekau I Mua held a hui at Matawaia Marae to determine whether the hapu supported the evolved iwi mandate for Ngapuhi. Mere Mangu explains that the hapu hui was derailed by people who should not have been there, and as a result the support of kuia and kaumatua for the evolved mandate was met with opposition. A report from Te Puni Kokiri to the process technical advisors Willie Te Aho, David Tapsell and Jason Pou said that the hui had no resolution. Another hui has been called by the technical advisors at 9.30am, 9 December for the hapu of Tekau I Mua.

Mere explains that this alternative hapū hui has not been called by the hapu, and the hui is proposed to be held outside the traditional rohe of Tekau I Mua. Mere is concerned that the technical advisors are interfering with the hapu tikanga of Tekau I Mua and she will not be attending the proposed hui. Mere also advises that she called the advertised Ngati Hine hui scheduled for 1.30pm on 9 December at Terenga Paraoa Marae and that this is cancelled as a result of technical interference and people feeling unsafe at hui-a-hapu.  Mere encourages that the individual voting timeframe be extended to enable more participation. 


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