Matatini 2019.

Dec. 21, 2018, 11:10 a.m.

Herewini Parata talks about next years Matatini and he also talks on Tā Hekenukumai Pūhipi also giving his Christmas Greeting.


Christmas message.

Waitai Petera Christmas in Australia sending greetings from over the ditch where temperatures reaching 37 plus.
7 months

He Korowai Trust to get a Boost in Fundings.

Jerry Norman Executive for Rotary NZ says they will fund He Korowai projects in Kaitaia.
7 months

Helping our Beaches to Prosper

Haami Piripi says this year they will be gearing up to make our beaches better for everyone to enjoy
6 months, 2 weeks

Greetings to everyone for 2019

Sir Hekenukumai Pūhipi sends his greetings for 2019 and spending time with whanau during Christmas and New Years periods.
6 months, 2 weeks