Where to from here for Ngāpuhi Claims

Jan. 11, 2019, 1:25 p.m.

Hone Sadler says Ngāpuhi will proceed with settlement pathways during 2019.


92-year-old Beaten in Home Invasion

Rowena Tana expresses disgust in the two women that beat up a 92 year old lady are māori and they should be dealt with severely.
5 days, 22 hours

RSA Recruitment.

Tame Mare encourages people to join the Kaitaia RSA for socialising with others.
5 days, 22 hours

Crime on the Rise after latest cigarette price hike

Henare Kingi says price hikes in smokes, alcohol related fighting and drivers not adhering to the road rules.
3 days, 2 hours

Preserving our Pātaka

Haami Piripi would like Māori to think about preserving our seeds for the future
3 days, 2 hours