RSA Recruitment.

Jan. 11, 2019, 1:41 p.m.

Tame Mare encourages people to join the Kaitaia RSA for socialising with others.


Assisting the elderly in Te Hiku

Tame Mare seeking more assistance from Te Hauora for the elderly
3 days, 2 hours

Appropriate use of Haka inside the Wharenui

Tame Mare talks about how people express their feelings using the haka. question. Is it appropriate inside the wharenui?
1 day, 2 hours

28th Maori Battalion

Tame Mare talks about his father and older sibling that fought in world wars and the trauma suffered by those that came home
6 days, 2 hours

Kaumatua Asking for Help

Tame Mare questions how Te Hauora helping the elderlies in Muriwhenua.
6 days, 23 hours