Aotearoa or New Zealand

Jan. 31, 2019, 1:16 p.m.

Dr Pat Hohepa gives his thoughts on the name change and the history behind it.


Ngapuhi Claims

Dr Patu Hōhepa says there are several issue to solve between Hapū to move forward with the claims.
3 years, 10 months

Easter 2019.

Dr Patu Hohepa was asked the question how he spends his Easter Break and he replies it's spent in services.
3 years, 9 months

Crown Minister Andrew Little to meet with Ngapuhi

Dr Patu Hohepa says that he will be advised that different hapū will conduct their own claims
3 years, 6 months

Doctrine of Discovery

Dr Patu Hohepa shares his knowledge about the discovery doctrine
3 years, 3 months