National Caucus behind their Leaders 100 percent.

March 6, 2019, 9:18 a.m.

Henare Kingi says National Party Caucus see no reason to change their Leader and Deputy at this stage.


Government Housing Project.

Government housing project is slow but Henare Kingi is happy with the progress so far and National Party leaders jobs safe
2 months, 2 weeks

Aftermath of Christchurch Attack

Henare Kingi government are set to make changes to gun laws and immigration acts.
2 months, 1 week

Banning of Automatic Guns

Henare Kingi says NZ needs to clean up its own backyard in the wake of banning of the semi-automatic weapons.
2 months

Mihi Aroha to Oneroa Pihema

Henare Kingi pays tribute to Oneroa Pihema and also speaks of his older sister as she opened the first Kohanga Reo in Poneke.
2 months