History of Te Oneroa ā Tōhē

March 25, 2019, 1:45 p.m.

Haami Piripi shares some of the history of Te Oneroa ā Tōhē.


Security of New Zealand

Haami Piripi says that Race Relationships must be addressed first and the NZ SIS is now Known as GCFB.
1 year, 8 months

Social Accord Hui.

Haami Piripi attend a Social Accord hui with Runanga o Ngati Kuri,Te Aupouri and Ngaitakoto wanting a wananga o Muriwhenua.
1 year, 8 months

Maori Companies Being Undermined by Government again.

Haami Piripi takes exception to how maori businesses are targeted by government agencies and this needs to be addressed now.
1 year, 8 months

Wai Māori

Haami Piripi says maori been to court twice over Wai Maori and won but government don't recognize maori rights to the water.
1 year, 7 months