Celebrate Matariki Broadcast 2022

On June 24, 2022, Aotearoa will celebrate Matariki, the country’s first public holiday centred around Māori culture. Join hosts Stacey Morrison and Mātai Smith for live coverage of the festivities, beginning at dawn with a traditional Hautapu ceremony.  Informative and entertaining, Celebrate Matariki - Mānawatia a Matariki - invites all of Aotearoa to both understand the old traditions and to be part of creating new ones of our own.

Following the hautapu ceremony and an address from the Prime Minister, we will have commentary and lively panel discussions based on the three themes of Matariki.  First, we reflect: remembering those we have lost and acknowledging our own journey over the last year.   Then we celebrate: reconnecting with whānau, good friends and good food; and finally we reset: preparing for the year ahead with a focus on wellbeing and life balance.  Music plays a big part in our togetherness, and our Matarikibroadcast incorporates three acoustic sets, containing live performances from leading and emerging artists, with each song introduced and explained by our hosts.