Council Policies Block Whenua Aspirations

Sept. 29, 2020, 1:32 p.m.

Green Party Candidate Darlene Tana is pushing for more freedom across Northland for whānau to live on their land, on their own t


Quarter of Cabinet Ministers Māori

Green Party candidate Darleen Tana Hoff-Nielsen says more Māori representation in cabinet is a huge win for Māori
2 years, 7 months

Water Sovereignty Issues Affecting Water Quality

Green's Northland candidate Darleen Tana Hoff-Nielsen says Māori water sovereignty is linked to the wellbeing of bodies of water
2 years, 6 months

Kina Overpopulation Affects Tikapa Moana

Not only have crayfish numbers dwindled, kelp is being depleted by kina overpopulation. Darleen Tana Hoff-Nielsen has more
2 years, 6 months

Hoff-Nielsen to Stand in NRC Byelection

Following John Bain's resignation over Māori Seats, former Green Party candidate Darlene Tana Hoff-Nielsen is vying for the seat
2 years, 4 months