Me whai reo ngā hapū i ngā whakataunga kereme

Mā ngā hapū ngā hapū e kōrero
2 days, 1 hour

Ka aha a Ngāpuhi ināianei? Anei a Ppierre Lyndon e whakapae ana

He kōrero kemere, kōrero porotiki, he kōrero mō ngā kiore
2 days, 1 hour

Mā te mahi tahi ka mutu atu te whakaweti tamariki

He kaupapa mahi tahi ki waenganui i ngā Iwi me ngā pirihimana
3 days, 2 hours

Ka aha a Ngāpuhi i aianei?

E āta wetewete ana a Rukuwai rāua ko Pā Kelly i ngā kaupapa o te wā
3 days, 2 hours

Te Rarawa Wānanga kicked off in Tāmaki and it was a hit

Haami Piripi, says Te Rarawa is alive and buzzing after wānanga reo
1 week, 2 days

Marama Davidson adopts Māori Party Bill - Te Rā o Parihaka

A time in history that must be remembered
1 week, 2 days

The Race for The Denby Ward

Huhan Lyndon is one of 16 gunning for the new seat
1 week, 3 days

New Government, New Ministers - what does it all mean

Godfrey Rudolph gives his take on the new make up
3 weeks, 1 day

Te Reo Wānanga set to revitalise te reo o Te Rarawa

Free wānanga reo at Te Unga Waka for all levels of Reo
3 weeks, 1 day

More Māori than we've ever seen in key positions

Kelvin, Shane, Winston, Peeni, Nanaia - a good day for Māori
3 weeks, 2 days

New Crown/Māori relations role, a score for Māori

Te Tai Tokerau MP fills the newest role in Parliament ahead of Ngāpuhi settlement
3 weeks, 2 days

Te Taitokerau Rugby heads down to National Competition

Penetaui Jones, team captan says they've got what it takes
4 weeks, 1 day

The Crown doesn't agree that Ngāpuhi did not cede sovereignty

Pā Kelly tells us his thoughts on the Crown's ruling
4 weeks, 1 day

Who will Winston go wtih?

Mohi shares his thoughts on how Winston will lean and implores rangatahi to stay aware of the world we live in
1 month

Rutene Gable.

Waka made under the guidance of Rangatira Hekenukumai Puhipi to be use in a ceremony in europe.
1 month, 2 weeks

Peter Lucus - Jones.

Peter Lucus - Jones speaks about the fundings for media networks from Te Māngai Pāho
1 month, 2 weeks

Vote Hone if you want 2 sons of Ngāpuhi on the front benches

Mara vs Meka we're only days away from D day
2 months

Shane Jones promises a better Whangarei

Shane vs Shane; it's the battle for Whangarei
2 months

Kym Koloni out of touch with NZ First Policies

Pita Paraone steps in to clean up Koloni mistake
2 months, 1 week

28th of October will continue to be a day to remember

A day of significance to recognise a history that was once swept under the rug
2 months, 1 week

Shane Taurima challenges District Council to work with Māori

A partnership Māori will better the economy
3 months, 3 weeks

Rangatahi need to be interested to get them to the polling booth

Povey Moses on rangatahi votes
4 months

Don Brash 'tempted' to vote for NZFirst

When asked about the future of Māori seats Don said it should be decision all New Zealanders are involved in.
4 months

Aotearoa from a Bird's eye view

Tainui Stephens brings season 2 of Aotearoa to our screens every Tuesday
4 months

Tauranga Iwi want a Māori process to take place

Cross-claims, protests and a call to take it back to the marae
4 months

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