Rangatahi have a voice!

July 29, 2019, 2:56 p.m.

Ashlee Peacock was invited to America to speak to indigenous people on a Rangatahi perspective on kaupapa such as Global Warming


Using tīkanga Māori to help bring peace

Ashlee Peacock of UNESCO Aotearoa Youth Leaders talks to us about her mahi with this kaupapa and how tīkanga Māori could help
2 months, 3 weeks

Tides are changing for Te Oneroa a Tohe

Haami Piripi is enthusiastic about the ever growing relationship between Māori and Pākeha, thus hopeful for a great outcome
2 weeks, 5 days

Slow Your Horses!

Kathleen O'Hare of Te Patu Koraha shares the story of a long battle to reduce the speed limit in Kareponia
2 weeks, 4 days

Normalising Maramataka Māori

Heeni Hoterene is sharing the knowledge of the Maramataka Māori and normalising it's everyday use for all
2 weeks, 4 days