Northland Māori Adventures

Nov. 14, 2019, 10:55 a.m.

Nikora Davis talks to us about his new Adventure called Northland Māori Ventures


Royal Visit to Waitangi

Eli Smith talks to us about the honor of being an interpreter for the royal tour to Waitangi
3 years

Livestream of Royal Tour to Waitangi

Ngahuia Harawira shares her thoughts on how the live broadcast of the royal tour to Waitangi
3 years

Prince Charles and Camilla come to Waitangi

Heeni Brown presented the live broadcast of Prince Charles and the Dutchess Camilla at Waitangi
3 years

Update on Matai Bay Rāhui Wānanga

Ruby Anne Reihana shares how the wānanga went and confirms that there will definitely be another rāhui
3 years