Te Whakaminenga o Ngā Hapū o Aotearoa

Jan. 17, 2020, 1:40 p.m.

Pouri Harris talks about basing a new structure of te whakaminenga to fix the wrongs done by the crown


Water Restrictions in Kaitaia

Lisa Mcnaab asks why the information regarding the water situation was communicated so late
3 years, 4 months

Who is to blame for water restrictions in Kaitaia?

Haami Piripi talks to us about the lack of water in Kaitaia and wider far north
3 years, 4 months

He Tauranga Kotuku Rerenga Tahi

A pilot scheme for a mātauranga Māori based wānanga with the goal of shaping our rangatahi into future leaders
3 years, 4 months

Ngātokimatawhaorua Waka turns 80

Minister Shane Jones talks to us about the history of this waka and the roles of both tāne and wāhine
3 years, 4 months