Shining on Kaitaia

March 3, 2020, 3:23 p.m.

Dreams and aspirations of Shine On Kaitaia will continue despite the battle to access the old Pak'n'Sav building.


The Bargain That Wasn't

The hope for a Youth Centre in Kaitāia's old Pak'n'Save building have been dashed
1 month

Kaitaia Whānau Feud!

Micah Tawhara speaks about bringing the iconic show to Kaitaia with a Far North twist. Registrations close Monday 14 October!
5 months, 4 weeks

Shine On Kaitāia

Micah Tawhara talks about the Kaitāia Street Clean & what's in store for the Christmas Parade 2019
6 months, 2 weeks

Shine on Kaitaia!

Micah Tawhara talks about Shine On Kaitaia and the kaupapa ahead of them
9 months, 3 weeks