Time to pay essential heroes a decent wage says Green Party

May 7, 2020, 9:59 a.m.

We speak to Marama Davidson, as she advocates a decent wage for essential workers


Greens Call For 'Matariki' Public Holiday

Marama Davidson says it's time for a Māori recognised public holiday, further revitalising Māori culture.
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Greens Disapprove of National's Agriculture Policy

Marama Davidson shares what impact National Policy will have on Aotearoa
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No Set Rules in Greens-Labour Cooperation Agreement

Green Party Leader Marama Davidson says her party is pleased to be given ministerial roles despite exclusion from cabinet
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Marama Davidson Wants Māori Seat

Co-leader of Greens Marama Davidson will run for the Tāmaki seat in the 2020 elections and shares her aspirations for her party.
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