Waka Ama Brings Nation Together

Jan. 18, 2021, 5:23 p.m.

Teina Piripi, Waka Ama exponent says waka has many benefits, especially bringing people together and strengthening wellbeing


Using Social Media to Promote te Reo

Niua Pomare of Te Hikutū is a young reo enthusiast using Instagram as a platform to spread word about the Te Taumata wānanga reo
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Hauora Māori Focus for New Program

Hineraumati, Tamanui-te-rā is a new holistic, Māori program focussed on well-being. Founder, Rangimarie Pomare has more
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Kaihoe Prepare to Paddle at Waitangi

Te Paerangi Kopa has grown up in waka taua, he says kaupapa waka is much more than paddling, it's way of life
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Mau Rākau Kicks Off Reo Journey

Ngāpuhi descendent, Read Tahere was inspired to pursue te reo by his children and a wānanga mau rākau kicked off his learning
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